Can you install Power Tools for us?

Absolutely! If you’d like us to install Power Tools onto your site for you we offer two paid installation services. We offer the installation services as a means of installing the app quickly and correctly for you. Our engineers are experienced in installing Power Tools and we have found this to be an efficient, easy way to get started.

If you’d like more information about the services available or have any questions please send an email with the details of your requirements to

Can I make the Filter Menu show X OR Y?

No, Shopify only supports filters that reduce the number of items, not increase them (AND is supported, OR is not).

This means that you cannot set up a set of filters to show say 'Cars' OR 'Trucks'. Note this is different from being able to select products within a collection using an OR style filter.

In fact many e-commerce sites operate in a similar way, such as eBay, Amazon, and of course Shopify.

I've changed a setting but I haven't seen it applied yet, why?

When you make changes and save them a job is queued. These can take a while to run, especially if you have a large store.

Check the Jobs link on the side of page to make sure your job has completed.

I can't get the app working, what could this be?

Please note that some of Power Tools is mainly aimed at power users, and as such may require professional installation by either Power Tools, a Shopify Expert or a web developer.

Some apps do require changes to your theme, this does require some knowledge of HTML and CSS. Please do not get annoyed at the theme modification instructions, they are aimed at web developers and are not intended for the general public. This is because all themes are different and there are hundreds if not thousands of available themes.

If you do need help please contact support, and note that for some services a fee will apply.

How often does my store run an update?

Once every 2 hours usually if your store is small, or you can manually trigger an update at any time.

If you have a larger store it may take longer than every 2 hours between updates.

How often does the order of random collections change?

They change with every update, so for most stores once every 2 hours or you can initiate this manually.

I have enabled the Sort Selector for all my collections but on some it does not show, why?

There are two filters that are applied before enabling the sort selector, firstly there must be more than 3 products in the collection. Secondly the collection handle must be less than 30 characters in length - this is a technical limitation imposed by Shopify.

I have created a Pricing Policy and it has expired, how do I get my prices to change back?

The first thing to note is that the pricing policy will not revert your prices after a policy expires. Instead the way it works is that you need another active policy to set the prices.

A good example is to have the very first policy to have a discount of 0% for all products, and make it active for many years.

When the sale policy expires, then the 0% policy will kick in and revert all the prices to be the full price.

How do I upgrade to the Power Tools Suite?

If you have any existing Power Tools apps, then you can simply install the Suite, then un-install the other apps. All your data will be preserved. You can install the Power Tools Suite here

How do I set the collection sort order for the Trending Sort?

It is labeled as Most Viewed, and can be selected from the View All collections page, then Edit. You can also use it with the Sort Selector and Sort Orders apps.

Collections keep being recreated after I delete them, why?

There are two likely reasons for this:

  1. You have the Easy Collections feature enabled
  2. You have the Variant Tagger enabled

Both of these app will create collections in order to work correctly.

Filter Menu filters keep being recreated after I delete them, why?

As above there are two likely reasons for this:

  1. You have the Easy Collections feature enabled and have enabled the Type/Vendor Wizard
  2. You have the Variant Tagger enabled and linked to the Filter Menu

If you have items that are being recreated then it is best to 'Hide' them, instead of deleting them.

You can hide an item by clicking on the 'eye' icon for each filter, the row will then highlight red. Make sure to press 'Save and Update' after.

I have enabled the Sort Selector for all of my collections but some of the collections aren’t showing, why?

This could be one of two things:

  1. For the Sort Selector to work correctly there must be more than 3 products in the collection.
  2. The collection handle must be less than 30 characters in length. This is a limitation imposed by Shopify.

I have started a new Shopify store and want to transfer Power Tools over, can I do this?

It’s best to just install the app on the new store as the process of migrating is often much harder than starting fresh.

I want to install Power Tools myself, how can I do this?

Detailed instructions on how to install Power Tools yourself can be found through the Help Menu of the app. If there are any issues or anomalies that appear once you have completed all steps of the instructions please contact us at

Is it possible to have different filters for each navigation item?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to have different filters for each navigation item however this is not as bad as it sounds! The Filter Menu will only show the filters that match the current view of products. For example - if you have X type filters they will show for the X collections, but not for the Y collections.

Note, you can use CSS to conditionally hide certain items on certain pages, if you need help with this then any Web Developer can help.

How long will my installation order take?

If you have requested our paid installation service your order will be placed in a queue and seen to by our engineers as soon as possible. If you need the installation done urgently we do offer a ‘rush’ service for a fee which can move you to the front of the queue. If you’d like further information please contact us at

Is it possible to have Drop Down Filter Lists?

It is possible to have drop down lists, we do have instructions available for this if you’d like them. We don’t usually recommend this option though as it’s often not as good as the link list (from a user experience) but it is an option if you’d like to try this.

We do also offer an installation service for this feature if you’d like us to integrate this for you. Please contact us at for pricing and further information.

Can we extend our free 14 day trial?

Unfortunately all billing and trial access is controlled by Shopify, not by Power Tools, so we don’t have the facility or ability to extend trials. If you have any billing enquires you will need to contact Shopify direct at